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Alfa byte the only all-round digital marketing company in Malaysia has something unique to offer for all its clients. To be able to creatively perceive the ideas communicated by the brand and then present the uniqueness to its precise target audience is the essence and ultimate objective of our company. From start to completion of a given project, our core development strategies focus on acquiring and retaining customers far and wide.

Technologically, our present-day exclusive user-friendly interface designs are put together to come up with a solution through a lead-generating tool bringing in more visitors interested in the product or service that we represent through the website. We passionately work on a very well- designed system with dynamic web development software which can increase the ability of the business to display and flash out the latest information to share along with the drive web stats.

  • Website Technical Audit
  • On page SEO Analysis
  • Keywords Analysis
  • Content Optimization
  • Tracking and Reporting

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is not only a business it is a desire to give your presence in the web. If you want to become popular in web then SEO helps you. With the help of SEO you can optimize your blog and site. you can make your personal network and also you can earn money.

SEO drives targeted traffic to your website. Developing an effective search engine optimization and positioning strategy is a deciding factor for a website to achieve top ranking in the search engine position and fulfill the desired objectives.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves “organic” rankings of a website in the search engine listings.
  • SEO is not a short-term, quick-result tactic, but rather a long-term solution with potentially high returns.

Our SEO Process

Off Site SEO/ Link Building Strategy

As we all knows that links are a very important signal that the search engines use to determine rankings. So, we know that increasing the number of high-quality links pointing at your website can significantly increase your chances of ranking well.

White-hat strategies - White-hat strategies are those that are very low-risk to carry out and usually fall well within the webmaster guidelines laid out by Google and Bing. Using white-hat techniques means that you stand very little chance of running into problems with the search engines when it comes to losing traffic because of a penalty.

Black-hat strategies - Black-hat has also been used to describe techniques that directly violate search engine guidelines. In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, black hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus only on search engines and not a human audience, and usually does not obey search engines guidelines.

Benefits of Link Building
  • Search Engine Ranking Improvement
  • Increase in Organic Traffic
  • Building relationships
  • Sending referral traffic
  • Brand building

Work Strategy

Website Audit and Onsite SEO Approach

SEO Packages

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